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Welcome to our web site. We specialize in powerful software solutions and utilities for financial and data management.

Check out our NEW White Paper on desktop <==> web system budgeting.

Spicer-Baer's PerpetualBudget System achieves the best performance from the most popular desktop applications and databases to create Web Access Real-Time Budget Tracking and Self Service Reporting for financial management. Our products achieve data independence, the power of formulas and the flexibility to implement budgeting solutions that reflect your business direction.

Our newest product, Project Tracking System (PTS) delivers on the promise of a perpetual budget. It is always online, tracking project costs and delivering up-to-date variance reporting on the budget.

Windows database application view          

Put aside conventional concepts about budgeting. We take it to a new level. Smart data grids, dynamic creation engines and support for your existing investments all represent our open and powerful budgeting architecture.

Let PerpetualBudget create all your system components. Or utilize PerpetualBudget to control and create all the baseline financial documents while your analysts concentrate on mission specific calculations - and integrate those into the system with a few keystrokes!

Develop your budget on the desktop, then migrate it to the web version, PerpetualBudget Online, with a button click! Collaborate with team members, process vendor estimates, issue purchase orders and more.


PerpetualBudget Online

PerpetualBudget Online Edition

PerpetualBudget Online Edition is a web based centralized version of the desktop system, including full capability with the desktop database. It has been developed to support migrating developed desktop databases to the web or a combination of desktop and web databases. A popular implementation is developing the budget on PerpetualBudget desktop version, then sharing the data and interfaces with your teammates on the Web Edition. Contact Support at (209) 365-9646 for more information.    

 PerpetualBudget v7.00   Budgeting, projections, project/po tracking and reporting system.

PerpetualBudget is a Windows desktop application fully integrated with Microsoft Office and the Web to create a powerful budgeting, planning and forecasting solution. The bullet points below highlight the feature set of the program. You can watch short movie segments on each subject area to quickly get an overview of the programs capabilities.

        Create new budgets from data. Movie
        Advanced change management Movie
        QuickBooks XML Data Interface
            TaskDrag master budget (multi Co Files)
        Integrate existing calculation sheets
        Documents from topic outlines. Movie
        Runs the product - Point, click, Done! Movie
        Outlook interface for remote users. Movie  
        Vendor Control Budgeting Movie

"PerpetualBudget lets us create a master budget from multiple company files and is very useful in a number of ways. It allows us to automatically create and distribute budget templates, retrieve budget information (which is fed into pb) – collect actual information from many Quickbooks company files – and automatically distribute monthly reports to department managers. This will save us (and already is) hours and hours of time each month – and countless hours each budgeting cycle!" - Vernon Willis, Chief Accounting Officer/Treasurer, IHOP Missions Base

Watch some movies, check out the features and then request a demo! Or order the product and get four hours of configuration services! We guarantee performance or your money back.      

PerpetualBudget® uses spreadsheet, database, network, Internet and Windows technologies together to form a flexible system that leverages your existing financial systems investments and skills and offers an expandable system going forward. The open architecture of PerpetualBudget® allows your experts to interface and customize the system to fit their needs today and in the future. The program creates and controls all of the spreadsheet and database objects, so it isn't necessary to have experts at your fingertips while you are building or using your budgeting system. If you do have expertise available to you, things are just that much easier.

Already have an integrated Enterprise financial solution but track your monthly expenses in Excel? Utilize the flexibility and low-cost of PerpetualBudget in a middleware application to produce the projections and reports you need. We are compatible with most Microsoft and SAP enterprise solutions.

Contact Us  Don't Evaluate - DEMONSTRATE! We encourage the evaluation of our demo products but there is no substitute for talking directly with us about your requirements. We can create a demo for you, suggest a new approach or adapt your legacy Excel budgeting solution to PerpetualBudget with some telephone contact and a few hours of work. And most of the time there are no non-recurring charges. 
(209) 365-9646

If you're in a hurry, email us for a "live" demo. We can demo it for you desktop-to-desktop in real time or meet with you on a schedule.

Turnkey Services

We know that most of you are too busy to develop or re-develop your budget on a new platform. We can help you with this; ask us about our turnkey services. We can develop your budget system and provide the deployment at a reasonable cost. We can train your staff "live" on the actual program using our Internet meeting account. Annual support licenses are available which include maintaining the budget system and all updates/upgrades to the software.

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